Sunday, June 25, 2017

Prodigy Mix

I’ve compiled some of my favorite Mobb Deep songs and Prodigy verses for my latest mix. I grew up on Mobb Deep’s music, and it’s been a part of my life since my early teens. I’ve even sampled Prodigy’s iconic vocals on a number of productions and mixes (including the intro for my radioshow) throughout my career. Mobb Deep’s music has become the blueprint for New York hip hop and even street slang. They painted a harsh and unapologetic picture of the dark sides of Queensbridge, over hard hitting minor key productions. Either it was a love song to his gun, dealing with police brutality, Illuminati, or just dropping some street knowledge on us, Prodigy always managed to get his point across being cold-bloodedly direct, but at the same time witty and intellectual. Rest in peace to one of hip hip’s greatest!

Teddy Touch - Prodigy Mix (mp3 download)

It's Alright (w/ 50 Cent & Mary J. Blige)
One Of Ours Pt.2 (w/ Jadakiss)
Eye For An Eye (w/ Havoc, Nas & Raekwon)
Eye For An Eye demo version (w/ Ghostface Killah)
Taking You Off Here
Backwards (w/ The Alchemist)
The Realest (w/ Kool G Rap)
Make A Hole
Temperature’s Rising
Right Back At You
I Shot Ya Remix (w/ LL Cool J)
Throw Your Hands (In The Air)
Neva Change
Extortion (w/ Havoc & Method Man)
Tick Tock (w/ Alchemist & Nas)
Stuck On You (w/ Alchemist)
Tha Game (w/ Pete Rock)
Keep It Thoro
Microphone Master Remix (w/ Das Efx)
Back At You (Sunset Park version)
Murda Muzik
Give It Up Fast (w/ Nas)
Pearly Gates (w/ 50 Cent)
Hold You Down (w/ Alchemist & Nina Sky)
Feel My Gat Blow (w/ Havoc)
Real N***az
Outta Control Remix (w/ 50 Cent)
Nighttime Vultures (w/ Raekwon)
Eyes May Shine Remix (w/ Xzibit)
Hell On Earth (Front Lines)
Recognize & Realize (w/ Big Noyd)
3 The Hard Way (w/ Big Noyd)
Shook Ones Pt.2 (w/ Havoc)
Hoodlum (w/ Rakim)
Rare Species
Drop A Gem On Em
Live N***ga Rap (w/ Nas)
Survival Of The Fittest
Give Up The Goods (Just Step)
Gun Love
The Learning (Burn)
Quiet Storm (w/ Havoc)